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The Society Inc Tinsmith Soap Dish

The Society Inc Tinsmith Soap Dish

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After many years of living in NYC where every restaurant is required to have a 'Employees must wash hands' sign in the bathrooms, I am making it easier by offering a slightly humorous soap dish with the phrase etched into brass. 

DIMENSIONS | 10cm high x 13.5cm wide x 9.5cm deep. 12cm screw point width. Due to the hand-beaten nature of this product, slight variations in dimensions will occur.

MATERIAL | brass. Due to the nature of this material, the finish may vary from piece to piece.

GOOD FOR | soap dish, wall mount soap holder

WHERE TO USE | indoor & outdoor

INSTALLATION NOTES | Comes with complimentary screws. Screws aren’t self-tapping so we recommend giving them a head start by pre-drilling. Due to the handmade nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly and it’s recommended to measure each fitting individually before fixing.

CARE NOTES | will age over time

Designed in Australia, made in India

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