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The Enchantress Candle Stand

The Enchantress Candle Stand

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The Enchantress Candle Stand is a mesmerizing candle holder that exudes regal charm. Crafted from sturdy iron and adorned with an antique gold finish, this candle stand captivates with its timeless allure. Embrace the medieval royal-esque design, with the intricate details and elegant curves adding an air of sophistication and formality. Available in three sizes – tall, medium, and short – the Enchantress Candle Stand offers versatility in styling. Create a captivating vingette by displaying all three sizes together atop a sideboard or dining table, or let each candle stand shine individually in different rooms, setting an enchanting ambiance throughout your home.

Dimensions (cm): Small 6.5 L x 6.5 W x 16 H, Medium 7 L x 7 W x 25 H, Tall 7 L x 7 W x 29 H

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