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Maglia Bonta - Campagna

Maglia Bonta - Campagna

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La Bottega Di Brunella 100% Italian woven linen top.

Made in Positano.

One size fits most.

*If this piece is out of stock we can custom order it in for you.

Please contact us via email or call us on 040 0099 010



Hand wash or machine wash your linen garment on a gentle cycle (lukewarm water) using a mild detergent. You may use a laundry mesh bag for extra protection. Avoid hot water to safeguard against shrinkage and colour fading. Do not crowd the washing machine as this can twist or pull the linen fabric out of shape. Avoid mixing or washing with items that have hooks, zippers or Velcro as they can pull or snag the fabric.

Air-dry your linen garment on a padded hanger or place it flat on a drying rack. If using a tumble dryer, set it on a low heat. Avoid ironing linen to preserve the fabric’s fibres and natural creases. You may use a steamer to soften wrinkles. Hang your linen garment on a padded hanger or fold it neatly and store it away from direct sunlight. 

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