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Dharma Door Hemp Scrubber

Dharma Door Hemp Scrubber

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Invigorate your skin with our eco-friendly hemp body scrubber. This textural scrubber will exfoliate and renew your skin, gently buffing away dead skin cells, leaving it feeling softer, smoother and with a healthy glow.

These Hemp Body Scrubbers will add a touch of handmade luxury to your bathroom or offer a delightful surprise in a guest bathroom. Alternatively, try using them as hardworking, reusable cleaning scrubbers.

Truly sustainable and body-friendly, our scrubbers are handcrafted with unbleached hemp that has been grown without pesticides. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial making our scrubbers suitable for your everyday bathing or cleaning routine. Durable and strong, you can regularly wash them in your washing machine without them falling apart. 

Crafted using hand-spun hemp and crochet techniques, each scrubber is made by Fair Trade artisans living in a rural community of Bangladesh.

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