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Fauna & Flora Garland

Fauna & Flora Garland

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Here is our love letter to our beautiful flora and fauna. 

Each image is digitally printed onto organic cotton sateen and cut into little flags. The edges are kept raw with a simple stay stitch.

Handmade in Australia. 

Total length 3.35m/11 ft 
Images length: 130cm/4.3 ft

The images are in the public domain and are all sourced from the generous open access schemes from various wonderful museums.   This is an excellent initiative that opens up so many beautiful images to be seen and enjoyed again.

Images from left to right:
1.  Eclectus Roratus Polychlorosca by Edward Lear *1830-32 Public Domain (PD) image Courtesy The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art
2.  Drawing Textile Design:  Anitra Made for Wiener Werkstatte** (PD) courtesy Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum (CHSDM)
3.  Giant Kangaroo illustration for trade cards to promote Allen & Ginter cigarettes (gorgeous images though!) 1888 (PD)
4.  Banksia Serrata by John Lewin 1770-1819 (PD-1996) Courtesy The State Library NSW 
5.  Kookaburra from a postcard ca 1915-18 by William Henry Broadhurst 1855-1927. (PD) Courtesy The State Library of NSW
6.  Platypus by John Lewin (PD-1996) courtesy of The State Library of NSW 
7.  Sacred Kingfisher illustration for trade cards to promote Allen & Ginter cigarettes (gorgeous images though!) 1889 (PD)
8.  Koalas Phascolarctos cinereus between 1700 & 1880. (PD) Courtesy Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam.

 **The Wiener Werkstätte was a workshop of artisans founded in 1903 & based on the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement.

*Edward Lear was best known as a landscape painter and writer of nonsense verse but he began his career as an ornithological draftsman.

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