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Pillar Candle - Black

Pillar Candle - Black

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Solid black pillar candle with a long-lasting burn. Hand-poured using the finest wax, finished with a 100% natural, lead-free wick for a clean burning experience.

Candle Kiosk candles do not drip or smoke and burn calmly and evenly all the way down.

• Long lasting burn time

Small 7 x 7cm 30 hours

Medium 7 x 14cm 60 hours

Large 7 x 21cm 120 hours

• No smoking or dripping
• Colour: black
• Fragrance free
• Packaged in paper
• Fully refined wax
• 100% cotton wick


Please read instructions carefully to get the best from your candles.

We highly recommend clicking on the 'GETTING STARTED' guide link below.


Setting the candle memory

Initial burn time
Let the wax melt close to the edge the first time you burn your candle. This may take up to 6 hours of burning, depending on the diameter of the candle (see below under 'Setting the memory' for details, or check out our Getting Started guide), so make sure you allow for enough time before you light your candle for the first time.

This is because the size of the wax pool during the first burn determines the life of the candle. Subsequent burns won't melt the wax beyond the initial wax pool, so if it didn't melt close enough to the edge of the candle, it could leave a thick, unused mantle ('tunnelling').

Setting the memory
To avoid this tunnelling effect we need to maximise the size of the initial wax pool. This is called setting the memory of the candle, and it is done by burning the candle for 1 hour per 2cm in diameter the first time you light it. For our 7cm diameter pillar candles, the initial burn time should be 3-4 hours, and for our 10cm diameter textured column candles it should be at least 5 hours. Due to their shape, our cone candles do not have such a requirement.

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