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Textured XL Pillar - Sandstone

Textured XL Pillar - Sandstone

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Large textured candle in a natural sandstone colour, hand-poured at low temperature to create a unique texture. Great for layering with other candles, or as its own style statement.

Our textured sandstone pillar candles do not drip or smoke. They are fragrance free, poured from the finest mineral wax and finished with a 100% natural, cotton wick.

Fragrance free
Burn time: 55, 180 & 290 hrs
Small (10 x 10 cm, Medium (10 x 20 cm) Large (10 x 30 cm)
Wax type: Fully refined mineral wax
Wick: 100% cotton
Smoke & drip free: our candles are designed to burn evenly all the way down. Keep out of draft.

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