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From Barbara...

The hallmark of the Rustic Amber apron is its colour palette, which reflects the warm and inviting hues of autumn. This apron features a mixture of rich, earthy colours associated with the season. These tones include deep oranges, rustic browns and golden yellows, creating a tapestry of autumn colours.

Whenever we broke a china cup or found a piece of old china - we would always keep it for mosaics. I often ended up with so many tubs of it "just in case". I think they look great on tea towels and aprons, such great colours and patina and the stories they could tell. 

Mum's Camping List is my mum's actual list of items to take on camping trips in the 1970's.

These aprons comes in one generous size of 85cm x 65cm. Adjustable straps ensure a comfortable and customised fit.

100% Linen

One size fits all

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