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Flower Girls Garland

Flower Girls Garland

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We were so inspired by these beautiful costume designs by Australian artist Will R. Barnes and were painted between 1919 and 1920.  Each watercolour illustrates a different flower. 

The garlands feature gorgeous watercolours digitally printed onto organic cotton  and cut into little flags. The edges are kept raw with a simple stay stitch.

Handmade in Australia

From left to right:
1.  White roses
2.  Cornflowers
3.  Un-named
4.  Rose
5. Orchids
6.  Forget me not
7.  Chrysanthemums

Total length 3.35m/11 ft 
Images length: 130cm/4.3 ft

The images are in the public domain and are all sourced from the generous open access schemes from various wonderful museums.   This is an excellent initiative that opens up so many beautiful images to be seen and enjoyed again.
Courtesy of The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

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